Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

Wholesale with designer fragrances and cosmetics.

Our wholesale offers a simple, fast and user friendly on-line ordering interface for perfumes and cosmetics retailers, e-shops, perfumeries and independent retailers.

Please note that placing an order you fully agree with general terms and conditions.


Fragrances and cosmetics Export s.r.o.
Jana Přibíka 952/13, Prague 9
19000, Czech republic
The company is registered at Municipal court in Prague, section C, insert 290011,
Company identification number: 06844022, Tax identification number: CZ06844022

Contact details

E-mail: info@fragrances-wholesale.eu
Telephone: you receive a direct phone number of your attendant after registration
Opening hours:
Monday - Friday 9:00 - 16:00

Registration, delivery and business conditions


You can enroll on the main page by submitting the required details. After your application has been received, it will be processed by our employees. Your login details will be approved and the access to your user account will be activated.

Delivery conditions

The orders are always being handled right after they are received. They are shipped via delivery company DPD (www.dpd.com) or via delivery company DHL ( only pallets ). All deliveries take approx. 3-4 working days all over EU. Goods must be insured by the buyer.

DPD transport costs

Price is calculated according to destination in Europe and 1 package weighs 31 kg.  
At this time there are 5 different price levels.

  1. Countries: SK, PL
    12 EUR / package
  2. Countries: EE, LT, LV
    14 EUR / package
  3. Countries: HR, HU, SI, NL, IT, DE, AT, FR
    20 EUR / package
  4. Countries: RO, BA, BG, RS
    24 EUR / package
  5. Countries: GR, ES, PT, SE, FI
    28 EUR / package
  • Other countries in Europe 24 EUR / package

​Local delivery company contacts (DPD) available here.

DHL transport costs

This transport is provided only for pallets ( min. order 15.000 euro ).
Price is calculated according to destination in Europe, price is calculated after the order is ready as real costs of the transport of every pallet, proforma invoice is sent including this price.

Incoterms 2010

- own transport - EXW Prague

- DPD transport company, DHL transport company - CPT

All goods that is offered on-line is available. The orders are hence being expedited immediately after the payment of the proforma invoice has been registered on the account of our company Fragrances and cosmetics Export s.r.o.

Payment conditions, minimum orders, packing fee

After submitting of the order the customer receives an e-mail with informative summary of ordered goods. In the next step the proforma invoice containing the price for delivery is being generated.

Right after the proforma invoice is settled the goods are shipped to the customer.
Tracking number of the shipment is sent via email ( only DPD transport company ).
The customer receives documents for every order ( final invoice, tracking list ) via email, these documents are also available to be downloaded from the customer´s account.

We sell only registered for VAT and the minimum order is 500 EUR .

For orders under 1500 EUR there is a fee 30 EUR for the packing.

Everybody who buys the goods without VAT is obliged to fulfil duty of VAT law. The buyer is obliged to transport all goods to delivery address out of CZ immediately. The customer is fully responsible for the financial costs associated with an invalid VAT number.

Payment, wire transfers

All order must be fully prepaid.  As you recieve the proforma, process the payment and send us ´payment confirmation´.
The goods will be shipped immediately (usually the same date ) after we receive the payment.
Please always write your order number as a reference number of your payment.
All wires must be done in 1 payment ( not to devided in more payments ).

Confirmation receipt of consignment

Please after receiving of every consignment to your delivery address, fill in the form ´RECEIPT OF CONSIGNMENT´ ( date of delivery, sign, stamp ) on the last page of the invoice, scan and return it on email info@fragrances-wholesale.eu

Purchase terms

Please note, all orders must be finished till 7 days from the creating of it. If the order is not finished by customer after 7 days, it is closed automatically by sales representative. Then it is packed during 1 working day and proforma invoice is sent to customer.

Order and purchase contract

The orders submitted through on-line wholesale interface are binding. The purchaser agrees with above mentioned business conditions and also with the conditions for complaint handling.

In order to submit a valid order the customer is required to fill in the prescribed details. As a place of delivery is considered the delivery address specified by the customer.

Guarantee of prices

All prices stated in the customer interface are valid while stocks last or till cancelled.

Order cancellation

In case that the order has been placed, it is not possible cancel whole order or some items of it. 
If you place a special instruction for part cancellation, there is a fee 30 euro per order, which was partly canceled.

If there are some items not available from the side of supplier, it is not a reason for whole cancellation of the order once placed.

If you cancel whole order after final confirmation from your side, mainly when the proforma invoice is issued, there is a fee 20% of the total amount of that order and additionaly cost of the packing and ordered transport ( the same amount as cost of the transport via DPD ).

Sales agreement

It is the buyer's sole responsibility where he sells the merchandise; the seller has no influence on this.
The seller wishes to emphasize that the custom status of the goods does not imply the trademark rights are exhausted.
The buyer should verify himself whether he is entitled to sell the goods in the market where he wishes to sell.
The buyer is fully responsible and solely liable for any infringement and will indemnify the seller for any liability in this respect.

Information about products and photos of the products

Please note that the information on the website ( characteristics of the products, photos etc. ) are partly taken from third parties, may contain material and technical inaccuracies or typographical errors and may be updated without notice

Guaranteed information on all products - name of the goods, volume, price


General conditions also include the part about claims, you can find it here:


Consent with collecting and archiving of personal information

The customer gives the seller his/her consent to collect and archive personal data about the buyer and his purchase history.
Privacy and data protection document

Closing regulation

Above stated business conditions are in effect from 1.10.2010. When submitting the order the customer unconditionally accepts all regulations in the valid wording. The login details, product data, pricing lists and other documents are considered to be business information that is exclusively designated for a particular customer and his/her business. It is forbidden to expose this information to a third party.