Profile of the company

Fragrances and cosmetics Export s.r.o. is one of the leading Czech companies specializing in wholesale and retail of designer fragrances and cosmetics. Besides the privileged position on the Czech market our company has a significant share on the East and South European markets. Company’s philosophy is to be primarily customer oriented. We deliver to our customers a high quality standard of the product and service. We always stress personal flexibility. Our company is known for developing of new sales channels and running of own retail network with eminent share on all established markets.

Experience and team

Fragrances and cosmetics Export s.r.o. has more than 10 years of experience in wholesale and retail of designer fragrances and cosmetics. The business department is represented through a team of experienced professionals.

Stock facilities

Company’s philosophy is to have a high volume of stock, own distribution and logistics network. Thanks to this approach we are able to achieve a high level of efficiency and smooth operation within the region of Central Europe and even further. The main stock facilities of the company are situated in Prague in the Czech Republic and they spread out on 3000 square meters.

Product and offer

Our company possesses a sophisticated product management system. This system and also an extending cooperation with other prominent companies ensure a unique position of our company with respect to the extensive inventory and the possibility to deliver large amounts of desired goods, the hot news included.
In the portfolio there are currently more than 200 designer brand name fragrances, cosmetics and other related products.
Our philosophy is to provide steady supply of full inventory of goods in large quantities so that demands of our partners can be successfully and efficiently fulfilled in long- and also short-term horizon.

Own retail

The company currently ranks high in online sales on the Czech and Slovak market. We also operate a chain of brick perfumeries and increase volumes of sales of retailers in the whole Central European region.


Fragrances and cosmetics Export s.r.o. offers a possible cooperation not only with respect to demand but also with respect to supply. By supply we mean providing stock for independent retailers, sales chains and others. As demand we describe interest inbuying of large volumes of goods from various distributors in the countries where our company operates.
Fragrances and cosmetics Export s.r.o.
Jana Přibíka 952/13
19000 Prague 9
Czech Republic